Che tempo fa in Italia? Fa freddo e nevica!!!!!

10 02 2012



4 responses to “Che tempo fa in Italia? Fa freddo e nevica!!!!!”

    22 02 2012
      Miss Y (22:06:18) :     

    I am very glad I’m not in Italy at the moment Signora Conte – it would be freezing!! The snow in this picture looks like everything is covered in a layer of icing sugar…

    Miss Y :)

    26 02 2012
      smotitalian (21:11:51) :     

    thankyou Marco for your comment on still working on it – its a LONG work in progress.
    Signora Conte

    18 01 2013
      adriano (19:41:21) :     

    È come le storie ei sogni.

    18 01 2013
      smotitalian (22:10:38) :     

    grazie for your comment.

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